Jorge Roque, CRS - Lic. Real Estate Broker

We Weed Out The ``Lookers`` Bringing You Only Real Buyers.
Why Pay an Agent? Because We Know How to Close. A PRO, Will Net You More $$$. Plain Simple!

9 out of 10 houses for sale, are listed & sold with a Real Estate Agent.

(Source: your county property tax records)

Ask yourself, what would be the only incentive for a serious buyer to ignore 90% or more of the properties for sale, listed with Real Estate Agents, to give up the free-to-use, professional tools available to any agent, give up the comfort of being guided by experience and training, again, ignore 9 out 10 listed properties, to circle out the very few “For-Sale-By-Owner” out there?

That’s right: To save the agents’ commission! 

Most of the time, unrepresented sellers, trying to save 6%, end up paying up to 20% to a buyer in exchange for nothing, hoping they did not make any mistake that could trigger legal actions after the closing.

So to whom do you want to sell your property:

  1. The bargain hunter, bottom scraper?
  2. A qualified buyer that is willing to pay your property’s market price?

In other words, would you choose the lowest offer instead of the highest paying buyer?

That’s Right! Selling without an agent would only attract lookers, unqualified or high-discount-asking buyers.

Would you like to see how it's possible?

If you knew, 100% for certain, that by working with us, you will end up selling your property for thousands more than you would with any other agent or selling it by yourself… wouldn’t you like to see how it’s possible?

Let’s talk & work the numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we sell our property with Jorge Roque?


  1. He only works with qualified buyers, real buyers, no lookers nor “bottom scrappers” or “deal hunters”
  2. He will sell your property at the highest, fair market value
  3. He can net you more money at closing & keep you from costly mistakes.

How can Jorge net us more money for the sale of our property?

His pricing strategy is the secret sauce. Let him show you how it will work for you.

Do we have to put your sign in front of our property to sell?

No. Some of our sellers prefer privacy and do not want their neighbors to know until the moving truck is pulled out of their driveway.

Do you have E&O insurance?


Why should we buy our home with Jorge?


  1. He will represent your best interest guiding you to avoid costly mistakes
  2. He will negotiate a better deal, better price, and/or terms
  3. He knows how to make the process easy and painless

Would you help us with the buyer's closing costs?

Yes! Let’s talk about it.

What is the cost of working with Jorge & Adriana to buy a home?

$0, nada, free. Our buyer’s representation service is paid by the seller’s broker regardless of the price we negotiate for you.

Would we pay more for a home working with a Real Estate Agent?

No. Agents do not have control over the fair market value of a property, buyers control the price of the market. In addition, an experienced agent will be able to negotiate a lower price and/or better terms for you allowing you to obtain the best possible deal. Experience delivers better results. Doesn’t it?

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According to MONEY Magazine, using a buyer’s agent can result in an average of 5 percent savings over going with the listing agent. Our expertise can help you avoid costly errors or missed deadlines that could put your earnest/escrow money in jeopardy, all completely free…
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For Sellers

Whether you are looking to sell or lease your property, the most important factor will be pricing your property correctly. We will not only help you determine the right asking price, but we will give you a realistic expectation of how long your home may take to sell at that price.
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